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SMOS Workshops & Appointments

SMOS Science Workshop 2011

In 2011, a first SMOS Science Workshop was organized by the ESA and CNES,  on  September 27-29, 2011 in Arles, France. Please find details under smos2011.

The European Space Agency announces the next SMOS Validation and Retrieval Team workshop on 29-30 November 2010 in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.  Read More

First European Conference on Moisture Measurement "Aquametry 2010"



In order to encourage the use of SMOS data throughout German scientific communities, the Institute of oceanography will organise workshops in order to present different utilization concepts for the data. Furthermore, a major task of the Workshops is to promote information exchange and communication and co-operation between the individual groups of interests. Further on, there will be meetings organised for the German scientific groups involved in calibration/validations studies of the ESA for SMOS. On this web page you will find the relevant dates and organisational details of the individual Workshops

1. SMOS User Workshop
A meeting of the German scientists that want to use SMOS data took place on the 9th and 10th November 2006. Aim of the workshop was to develop a complete user-concept for the SMOS data. The user concept is available: see Links

2. SMOS User Workshop
On the 28./29. of August in 2008 the second SMOS user-workshop took place at the IfM Hamburg.


  • Status of the SMOS mission (expected launch May 2009)
  • Data: products, data AOs
  • CAL/VAL activities: interaction, status
  • Entrainment of new groups: numerical weather forecast (DWD), modeling, land surface hydrology, ocean sciences…...
  • first steps to realise 2 DFG research-programs (land, ocean) for the scientific evaluation of SMOS data

Minutes of the 2. SMOS-user workshop (PDF, german)